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28 Jun 2021
Research article |  | 28 Jun 2021

Sensitivity of Aeolus HLOS winds to temperature and pressure specification in the L2B processor

Matic Šavli, Vivien Pourret, Christophe Payan, and Jean-François Mahfouf

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Assimilation of surface pressure observations from personal weather stations in AROME-France
Alan Demortier, Marc Mandement, Vivien Pourret, and Olivier Caumont
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Towards the use of conservative thermodynamic variables in data assimilation: a case study using ground-based microwave radiometer measurements
Pascal Marquet, Pauline Martinet, Jean-François Mahfouf, Alina Lavinia Barbu, and Benjamin Ménétrier
Atmos. Meas. Tech., 15, 2021–2035,,, 2022
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Toward a variational assimilation of polarimetric radar observations in a convective-scale numerical weather prediction (NWP) model
Guillaume Thomas, Jean-François Mahfouf, and Thibaut Montmerle
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Impact of additional AMDAR data in the AROME-France model during May 2017
Alexis Doerenbecher and Jean-François Mahfouf
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Sequential assimilation of satellite-derived vegetation and soil moisture products using SURFEX_v8.0: LDAS-Monde assessment over the Euro-Mediterranean area
Clément Albergel, Simon Munier, Delphine Jennifer Leroux, Hélène Dewaele, David Fairbairn, Alina Lavinia Barbu, Emiliano Gelati, Wouter Dorigo, Stéphanie Faroux, Catherine Meurey, Patrick Le Moigne, Bertrand Decharme, Jean-Francois Mahfouf, and Jean-Christophe Calvet
Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 3889–3912,,, 2017
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Global evaluation of fast radiative transfer model coefficients for early meteorological satellite sensors
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Assessing sampling and retrieval errors of GPROF precipitation estimates over the Netherlands
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Comparisons and quality control of wind observations in a mountainous city using wind profile radar and the Aeolus satellite
Hua Lu, Min Xie, Wei Zhao, Bojun Liu, Tijian Wang, and Bingliang Zhuang
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On the use of routine airborne observations for evaluation and monitoring of satellite observations of thermodynamic profiles
Timothy J. Wagner, Thomas August, Tim Hultberg, and Ralph A. Petersen
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Short summary
The ESA's Aeolus satellite wind retrieval is provided through a series of processors. It depends on the temperature and pressure specification, which, however, are not measured by the satellite. The numerical weather predicted values are used instead, but these are erroneous. This article studies the sensitivity of the wind retrieval by introducing errors in temperature and pressure. This has been found to be small for Aeolus but is expected to be more crucial for future missions.